What is it?
At Fragmints we believe ownership should be for the masses, and it's our job to bring that dream to reality. Own as much or as little in the assets which you believe in. Buy or Sell your fragmints whenever you want with a variety of ERC20 tokens.
What we do?
We’ve partnered with existing companies in the most exciting sectors to bring you high barrier assets on chain through the means of tokenisation. All assets listed on fragmints are verified and held securely within our many locations.
We provide real time pricing of each asset listed on fragmints with the use of pricing oracles. We eliminate the risk of bias and pricing manipulation for each asset listed by using the most sophisticated algorithms to ensure pricing accuracy.
Buy and sell fragmented assets using your WEB3 wallet with ERC20 tokens such as USDT, USDC, DAI & WETH. New assets are listing regularly by our vetted and accredited partners. All assets listed are held and stored in the possession of fragmints.
Peace of mind as all transactions are stored on the blockchain meaning you can invest in your assets with reduced costs, less bureaucracy, visibility and traceability.
How we work?
We work in an open source collaborative manner meaning we always looking for new ways to innovate . We invite users to look for new ways to improve the art of fractionalised ownership. We continuously invite new suggestions and potential ideas to improve our protocol.